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Lesenswertes: Yunnan und seine Grenze

Drogen, Waffen, Frauen: Mit dem steigenden Handel zwischen China und seinen Nachbarn im Südwesten steigt auch die Schmugglerware an. Besonders aus Burma kommen viele illegale Waren, berichtet der Economist:

„A hundred metres from the tiered, gold-tipped roof of the official border crossing between China and Myanmar in Ruili, an unofficial international trade zone thrives—across a 7-metre (23-foot) high metal fence that divides the two countries. Small groups of Chinese gather to buy cigarettes, coffee and Chinese medicines through the bars from Burmese stall-sellers. Farther along the road, a man in a red T-shirt crosses from Myanmar to China in bright daylight through a rectangular hole in the railings.“

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