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Who’s behind „Daron Acemoglu facts“?

A few days ago I wrote about the economist Daron Acemoglu. He is some kind of superstar in the economics community. Need a proof? He has his own Chuck Norris meme – the Daron Acemoglu facts.

Four questions to the people behind the „Daron Acemoglu facts“ (DAFacts):

Why did you start the Daron Acemoglu Facts? What makes Acemoglu special?

We’re grad students at one of the top-10 U.S. schools for economics and are massive fans of Daron’s contributions to economics; DAFacts is our attempt to pay tribute via humor. We originally modeled the blog off of the well-known „Chuck Norris facts“ meme. Daron is a brilliant economist, obviously, but he’s also well-known for being an incredibly kind and humble person, which makes the outlandish boasts of DAFacts even funnier to us.

Who many persons are behind the blog?

Two of us maintain the blog and monitor the gmail account, though several other students in our program contributed to the first round of DAFacts (in Spring 2013).

What is your favorite Acemoglu meme?

It was hard for us to narrow it down! But we think our top three Facts (in no particular order) are these:

Daron Acemoglu

Daron Acemoglu facts

Daron Acemoglu facts

Who submits Facts?

Anyone can submit Facts by emailing us at – some of our favorite Facts have been fan submissions! Many come from other graduate students and sometimes even economics professors. And of course we always credit the original authors if they choose to be less anonymous than us.

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