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How to be a publisher
Jeder kann einfach im Internet publizieren und den großen Medien den Rang ablaufen. Except… not. Michael Donohoe von schreibt auf, was es alles braucht, um eine funktionierende Seite auf die Beine zu stellen:

HTML This is the easy bit. Except it’s never easy. But its the known quantity in that its HTML. And CSS to make it pretty. Typekit or Google Fonts. Or make and host your own web-fonts. It’s just typography. The CSS covers breakpoints if you must be responsive. And that adds HTML for the things that need to be very different on Mobile but not at all on Desktop. Not forgetting Tablet, so let’s just call it Non-Mobile. Not forgetting Javascript, not jQuery, and if you’re good you’ll even test that the basic functionality of your site work with it disabled. Oh, and 3rd party SCRIPT tags. Analytics, which one? Everyone needs wants something different. Google Analytics is free but sampled once you go over a million events. ChartBeat is trendy for the here and now. Parsely is great but some prefer Chartbeat. Some argue for both. And comScore. And Omniture. Optimizely for AB testing, unless you’ve Test & Target via Adobe which integrates with Omniture. Some want need both because it’s the UI wars. And we’re all ready to drop everything below IE11 now. (…)

Und so gehts noch viele Zeilen weiter.

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