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And that is why we need journalists

„If we overload people with the information, and overload them with data and we just focus on the data, we do not provide any further information. So the danger to me is to create fancy visualizations just because you can without really connecting it to a narrative. If you want to provide an additional value, you always need to take data and you visualization and put it into context. And that is why we need journalists.“

Michael Bauer von School of Data

Text mining ist das neue data mining

Rebecca Weiss forscht in Stanford über Text Mining und ist Fellow der Mozilla-Stiftung. Sie sagt:

„What I do is text analysis, which covers the aggregation of texts, machine learning, natural language processing, applied to text files to understand the context. There is a specific set of skills for data journalists to learn, as it is more and more becoming common place to find information in text files, ranging from material published by governments to corporations. And if you can learn those skills you can start to find meaningful patterns in these documents.”

News organizations: Break the paradigm & choose your niche

Der Journalist John L. Robinson argumentiert, dass Zeitungen nicht das bieten, womit Menschen ihre Zeit verbringen: Arbeiten, schlafen, essen, Zwischenmenschliches etc. – inklusive sehr guten Kommentaren!