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Mein halbes digitales Leben
Wäre ich analog ein anderer Mensch geworden?

Dazu passend bei Aeon: Would you be the same individual if you were a different gender?

2015 is the year the old internet finally died
Eine weitere Analyse der Medien im Netz, bei der – seufz! – der guten, alten Zeiten gedacht wird.

Mitte der 2000er Jahre, die Zeit der Blogs:

In that economy, the readers only had power in aggregate. Get enough of them, and you’d have a site that stuck around. Get too few, and you would fade.

And the rise of social has flipped the old writer/reader balance, restoring power to the reader.

Und nun, 2015:

Now, two years after that rift, it’s become obvious that sites like the Dissolve — quirky, specialist sites that thrived in 2005 — are an endangered species in 2015.
The future belongs to the fleet, to the fast, to the instantly assembled hot take. Thoughtfulness is almost beside the point, in many cases, if you can produce something enough people will want to associate with the curation of their core beings.

Why Your Rent Is So High and Your Pay Is So Low

  • Wir befinden uns in New York
  • Gehälter und Preise für Wohnungen und Häuser entwickeln sich auseinander
  • Ältere Mittelklasse sind Immobilienbesitzer
  • Politiker haben kein Interesse, dass die Preise sinken, weil sie es sich nicht mit den vielen älteren Wählern verscherzen wollen
  • Früher gingen die meisten Kredite an Firmen, heute an Privatpersonen für Hypotheken

The fear of another financial crisis combined with the fear of angry middle-class, middle-aged voters gives politicians every reason to keep house prices from falling.