Gentrifizierung ist Hitler-light

Steigende Mietpreise, Geschichten von Leuten, die nach 20 Jahren umziehen müssen, Immobilienspekulanten: Auf die Gentrifizierung schimpfen ist en vogue. Doch so einfach ist es natürlich nicht. Das „New York“-Magazin fragt deshalb: „Is Gentrification All Bad?“

Zwei Textstellen:

„But trend lines are not destiny. Who does the gentrifying, how, and how quickly—these variables separate an organically evolving neighborhood from one that is ruthlessly replaced. A trickle of impecunious artists hungry for space and light is one thing; a flood of lawyers with a hankering to renovate is quite another. The difference may be just a matter of time—but when it comes to gentrification, time is all.“

„Artists are like most people: They think gentrification is fine so long as it stops with them. They are pioneers, all-accepting enthusiasts, and they wish to change nothing about their new home turf (although a halfway decent tapas place would be nice).“

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