Lesenswertes: Homepages, Datenjournalismus und was mit Wirtschaft

Als Angela Merkel weinte.

Lesenswertes der letzten Tage. Mehr lesenswerte Links findest du in der gleichnamigen Kategorie Lesenswertes.

  • The death of the homepage in one simple graph – Jede. Seite. Muss. Eine. Homepage. Sein. Punkt.
  • Rebellious Economics Students Have a Point : The New Yorker – Einmal mehr haben VWL-Studenten zu einer Reform der Lehrpläne aufgerufen – mit relativ großen Presseecho. Schließlich war unter den Erstunterzeichnern des offenen Briefs auch Thomas Piketty, der mit seinem Buch "Capital in the 21st Century" die Feuilletons dominiert. Aus dem Artikel des New Yorker ein pathetischer Absatz:

    "Technical expertise is valuable. Nobody should be allowed to graduate in economics without at least a rudimentary knowledge of statistics. Exposure to theories of finance, such as the capital asset pricing model, explains a good deal about Wall Street and the business world that would otherwise remain mysterious. But economics should surely aspire to more than providing foot soldiers for the financial industry and Big Data companies."

  • How the euro was saved – FT series – FT.com

    "To the astonishment of almost everyone in the room, Angela Merkel began to cry. “Das ist nicht fair.” That is not fair, the German chancellor said angrily, tears welling in her eyes. “Ich bringe mich nicht selbst um.” I am not going to commit suicide."

  • Why Normal People Don’t Trust Data Journalism – Business Insider

    „For a start, this kind of reporting doesn’t obey any of the four golden rules of attention-seeking: novelty, controversy, celebrity and sex. Another way of putting it is: they’re boring, written by boring people and they cover boring subjects. Let’s be honest: this stuff is written for other journalists. If you’ve signed up to a life of crafting explainer tabs for Vox, or landed a gig at the Guardian writing for its datablog, good for you. But know that your work will only ever be read by dorks.“

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