How to Use SideComments.js with WordPress

Tutorial for using Sidecomments.js in WordPress. Have side comments on your website just like on or and Quartz are both famous for their innovative ways of presenting content. Both use side comments in order to allow to comment individual paragraphs rather than whole articles.

A few days ago SideComments.js was released by Eric Anderson. It allows an easy integration of that commenting system.

A demo of sidecomments.js
A demo of sidecomments.js

If you want to use SideComments.js within your WordPress installation, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Download the adaption for WordPress on Github by strategio: WP Side Comments (.zip).

2. Upload the plugin to your plugins folder and activate it.

3. Go to settings –> WPSC. There you have to include two CSS-Selectors, one for your content, one for your comments. For example, in order to make the plugin work with twentyfourteen you have to write:

One class and one ID selector in the twentyfourteen theme.
One class and one ID selector in the twentyfourteen theme.

Be aware that you need a . for a class, or a # for an ID. If you don’t use twentyfourteen you can find out your selectors with developer tools in your browser.

Every comment is a regular comment in the WordPress system and can be edited, reviewed etc. in the WordPress backend.

That’s it 🙂

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