Lesenswertes: Tech und Vergewaltigung

Lesenswertes der letzten Tage.

Lesenswertes der letzten Tage. Mehr lesenswerte Links findest du in der gleichnamigen Kategorie Lesenswertes.

  • „Why we should be celebrating the rise of robot journalism instead of criticizing it — Tech News and Analysis – "The harsh reality is that much of what appears in newspapers and on websites is not the kind of ground-breaking, investigative or analytical content most people think of when they hear the term “journalism.” Some of it is pedestrian content about sporting events, earnings reports, news releases, calendar events, city council meetings and so on. Wouldn’t it be better if we could automate some of that and free up reporters to do other things?“
  • My own rape shows how much we get wrong about these attacks – The Washington Post – „Gin!“ I thought he said, more excitedly than he should have. Gin makes me sick.

    „That’s not really my thing“ I said. Then he pouted, comically and even adorably: „But I made it just for us.“

    So I drank it and it was a bit sharp but really delicious, like tart watermelon.“You can hardly taste the gin“ I said.

    „What gin?“ „You said there was gin.“

    He laughed. „I said G.“ He meant GHB, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, commonly known as the date-rape drug. Later came several more druggings, as he held Gatorade up to my limp lips with who-knows-what mixed in. I spent the weekend — about 60 hours — semi-conscious and didn’t leave his apartment until Monday morning. Sometimes I think I never left his apartment, that someone who merely looks and sounds like me walked out.“

  • How to build a successful newsletter: advice from Quartz – Quartz will Leser mit einem morgendlichen Newsletter an sich binden. Und wie auch die Webseite, zeigt sich der Informationsdienst per E-Mail als recht erfolgreich. Einer der Gründe:

    "Daily Briefs are distinct and friendly, “like a smart, knowledgeable friend telling you what’s going on in the world,” says Davies. That means not taking yourself too seriously. The subject line, for example, always contains a preview of what’s to come in the body of the newsletter and mentions various topics with different degrees of seriousness."

  • U.S. Tech Companies Have a Lot at Stake in Ukraine | Re/code – "Ukraine’s IT sector is impressive. As one of the country’s largest industries, IT in Ukraine is a key component of its future economic success. Today, the volume of exports of software service and development from Ukraine is about $2 billion annually. By 2012, there were more than 4,000 IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine, and the sector was growing 25 percent year over year; economists project that the $2 billion industry will grow 85 percent over the next six years."
  • Inside Shenzhen: China’s Silicon Valley – Shenzhen war meine erste Begegnung mit China: Alles modern, am Horizont ein Eifelturm und weitere westliche Sehenswürdigkeiten, das Essen schmeckt krasser als in meiner Fantasie. Die Stadt ist in 30 Jahren vom Fischerdorf zur Millionenstadt geworden. Schwerpunkt: Hardware. Der Guardian war dort.

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