Wie Werbefinanzierung und Überwachung zusammenhängen: Maciej Ceglowskis Vortrag „The Internet With a Human Face“

Der Amerikaner Maciej Ceglowski erläutert den Zusammenhang zwischen Werbefinanzierung und Überwachung.

Der Amerikaner Maciej Ceglowski hat auf der „Beyond Tellerrand“-Konferenz 2014 im Vortrag „The Internet With a Human Face“ den Zusammenhang zwischen Werbefinanzierung und Überwachung erläutert. Er malt aber nicht nur den Teufel an die Wand, sondern zaubert auch ein paar Exorzismus-Vorschläge aus dem Hut.

Er beginnt so:

Marc [Thiele] emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if I thought my talk would be appropriate to close the conference.

„Marc,“ I told him, „my talk is perfect for closing the conference! The first half is this incredibly dark rant about how the Internet is alienating and inhuman, how it’s turning us all into lonely monsters.”

“But in the second half, I’ll turn it around and present my vision of an alternative future. I’ll get the audience fired up like a proper American motivational speaker. After the big finish, we’ll burst out of the conference hall into the streets of Düsseldorf, hoist the black flag, and change the world.”

Marc said that sounded fine.

As I was preparing this talk, however, I found it getting longer and longer. In the interests of time, I’m afraid I’m only going to be able to present the first half of it today.

Hier das Video:

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