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Auf Medium ein Auszug aus Jeff Jarvis‘ neuem Buch „Geeks Bearing Gifts: Imagining New Futures for News“, Kapitel 11: Mobile = Local = Me: Context Over Content

Apps have not proven to be news’ salvation. They have many limitations. They tend to cut content off from links out to other content and links in from outside recommendations. They are expensive to make. They require marketing to get users to find, download, and use them. Though they provide a clean and controlled environment for ads, apps on the whole have not been embraced by advertisers — mostly because the audience for each app remains small. One news executive lamented to me that his mobile ads are selling for five cents per thousand views vs. $24 on his web site. It’s true that when they began, apps gave designers and editors better tools to create sleek and responsive pages, but HTML5 and responsive design now make mobile web sites more appealing. On the whole, I believe making apps has proven to be a distraction for many news companies.

Aber was stattdessen machen? Good old Jarvis bietet an:

updates, followups, explanation, diversion, answers, recommendations, connection, instructions, discussion, service, sharing, action.

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