Eine gute Beschreibung von Artificial Intelligence beim Economist

„One way of understanding this [Artificial Intelligence] is that for humans to do things they find difficult, such as solving differential equations, they have to write a set of formal rules. Turning those rules into a program is then pretty simple. For stuff human beings find easy, though, there is no similar need for explicit rules—and trying to create them can be hard. To take one famous example, adults can distinguish pornography from non-pornography. But describing how they do so is almost impossible, as Potter Stewart, an American Supreme Court judge, discovered in 1964. Frustrated by the difficulty of coming up with a legally watertight definition, he threw up his hands and wrote that, although he could not define porn in the abstract, “I know it when I see it.”

Machine learning is a way of getting computers to know things when they see them by producing for themselves the rules their programmers cannot specify. The machines do this with heavy-duty statistical analysis of lots and lots of data.“

Das Ende des Textes:

„But for now, the best advice is to ignore the threat of computers taking over the world—and check that they are not going to take over your job first.“

aus: Rise of the machines

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