Do not nudge me!

Within Reason

Steven Poole, englischer Autor kluger Texte, ist der Meinung, wir kein Nudging brauchen. Sein Punkt: Nur weil jemand die Fragestellungen in Bezug auf Biases nicht richtig beantwortet, heiße das nicht, dass man irrational sei. Vielleicht ist auch nur die Frage dumm gestellt.

„Nudging is far from being a dystopian tool of state mind control. After all, we remain free to make the “wrong” choices. The more fundamental problem, however, is that nudging bypasses political discussion. There is no public consultation about choice architecture. (Is it always irrational to eat fatty food? Is it irrational to refuse to donate one’s organs?) The attempt to bypass our reasoning selves with “nudge” politics creates a problem of consent, a short-circuiting of democracy. Why bother having a political argument if you can make (most) people do what you want anyway?“

„Nudge politics, then, is not only predicated upon a thesis that we will most of the time make irrational choices; to continue to be viable, it must be opposed to any increase in our rationality. In this sense it is at odds with public reason itself.“

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