Gute Ökonomie ist…

… nach Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee, frische Nobelpreisträger für Wirtschaft. Sie schreiben im Guardian:

But good economics is much less strident, and quite different. It is less like the hard sciences and more like engineering or plumbing: it breaks big problems into manageable chunks and tries to solve them with a pragmatic approach – a combination of intuition and theory, trial and acknowledged errors. Good economics starts with some facts that are troubling, makes some guesses based on what we already know about human behaviour and theories that have been shown to work, uses data to test those guesses, refines (or radically alters) its line of attack based on the new set of facts and, eventually, with some luck, gets to a solution.

If we’re serious about changing the world, we need a better kind of economics to do it (Guardian)

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