Display a custom field in a Woocommerce WordPress Template

Step 1:

Add meta data via custom field either by hand or in bulk via a csv-file.

Every column in a csv file named `meta:my_custom_field` will generate a, surprise, custom field named just like that. See documentation:

Column names prefixed with meta: will get automatically mapped as meta data to import. For example, if you have a column named meta:product_depth the values of that column will get imported and saved as meta data under the „product_depth“ key.

Step 2:

Add this snippet in your template file by using the get_post_meta function:

  $custom_field = get_post_meta(
    $product->get_id(), 'custom_field_name', true
  if (is_string( $custom_field ) ) { 
    echo wp_kses_post( "My custom field: $custom_field" );

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