Generative Art

One overly simple but useful definition is that generative art is art programmed using a computer that intentionally introduces randomness as part of its creation process.

Why Love Generative Art? – Artnome

I wrote a software package called generativeart which helps to create those kind of images with R. generativeart let’s you create images based on many thousand points. The position of every single point is calculated by a formula, which has random parameters. Because of the built-in randomness, every image looks different.

Do it yourself

Get the code on Github and try it yourself. There you will also find instructions and documentation.

I am overwhelmed by how people use the package for their ideas. Take a look at a few examples in the wild.

These images are based on simple points…

How thousands of points can form beautiful images

1. Step: Point, points, points …

The starting point is a rectangle a grid that is populated with many thousand points, in this case 3,969.

The retangle is placed in a coordinate system, so every point has two coordinates (x, y).

2. Step:

Now, the position of every single points is transformed. This new position is calculated by a formula, which has random parameters. Because of the random numbers, every image looks different.

For example, using a combination of sine, cosine and the random factor:

Circle resembling shapes are created by using a polar coordinate system:

When Two Points on a Circle Form a Line

There are many ways to produce computer created abstract images: To the tutorial

Crochet Pattern

Code and instructions on Github

In the Wild