I published the following open-source software packages:

Generative Art

The R package generativeart let’s you create images based on many thousand points. The position of every single point is calculated by a formula, which has random parameters. Because of the random numbers, every image looks different.

Destatis Cleaner

Update May 2020: This package is no longer needed. The Federal Statistical Office of Germany, Destatis, listened to it’s users: You can now download data as a flat file csv or use an API.

The csv files of Destatis, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, don’t comply with common standards if a tidy, ready-to-use machine-readable dataset. This tools helps to jump start the data analysis by doing the time-consuming cleaning tasks:

You can find Destatis Cleaner on

If you are an R user, you can work with the destatiscleanr package. You can find the code and instructions on Github


A few files of code to get German polling data from on to your computer.